Sales Marketing Manager - Describes the overall vision of the company:

Mr. Shady Amin
Sales marketing manager word:

The company's top policy is to satisfy customers and gain their confidence in the long run, provide all their needs in record time, the company uses advanced technology, innovative technology for a changing world to determine the field of finding products and information related to the company, which in turn saves customer time and is reflected with complete satisfaction.

The company deals with a large segment of customers since the company was established in 2003, the company enjoys a good reputation and the company name is trusted by the customer because the original in the customer's dealings first.

Future company for Pharmaceutical Industries is an Egyptian company that pursues a policy that operates at both levels:

Vertical level: Work to increase the number of products needed by the client and to reach the degree of satisfying the market needs to a satisfactory degree.  

Horizontal level: Increasing the number of customers the first Powell so the future is a future for all and is one of the unique companies of its kind in Egypt.  

Our motto is team work, each person bears the responsibility entrusted to him, to achieve the objectives that the company seeks in the near future.

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