Conditions of sale and payment - to deal with our company:

Conditions of sale and payment:
  • A cash discount on certain formulations is not counted and the value is paid in cash upon receipt, in accordance with the Company's stated policy.
  • A signature or a customer seal is a receipt for the receipt of the invoice, and approval of all invoice lines is approved.
  • Cash discount rate and credit period and their data are as follows:
  • Returns from imported imported products are not accepted.
  • Returns from local finished products are not accepted except in accordance with the customer's invoices and the company's policy.
  • Returns from pharmaceuticals (which are stored in refrigerator and imported) are not accepted after their final receipt.
  • The acceptance of returns from medicines or the payment of the monthly claim is only through official company documents that function.
  • The deduction from the company's claim is not permitted under any designation for any reason.
  • The goods have received the contents of this invoice as faithfully after the inspection and acceptance and I pledge to pay their full value upon request for the company's order, and in case of non-payment, I shall be guilty of the legally prescribed offence of treason against the Secretariat.
  • The parent of the invoice is not considered a payment document and the customer has to obtain a formal payment receipt from the company.
  • The signature or stamp of the invoice is a final receipt of the goods and the company is not liable for any deficiency reported after receipt.
  • Valid returns are not accepted 48 hours after the date of receipt from the company.

Discount slices Total purchases during the month Cash discount Period credit
First Less than 1000 pounds 0.000 % 0 days
Second From 1001 to 15,000 pounds 3.000 % 80 days
Third From 15001 to 25000 pounds 3.250 % 85 days
Fourth From 2,5001 to 35,000 pounds 3.500 % 90 days
Fifth From 35001 to 45000 pounds 3.750 % 95 days
Sixth From 45001 to 55000 pounds 4.000 % 100 days
Seventh From 55,001 to 65000 pounds 4.250 % 105 days
Eighth Greater than 65,000 pounds 4.500 % 105 days
Ninth Imported goods 2.000 % 45 days

Bank Cheques:
Cheques in its history:
  • Apply segments of cash discount on payments by check, which sets out the historical section until day 3 of the following month with the World Bank, as well as Commission.
  • Less than the proportion of cash discount by ½ % of checks historical, which sets out the section after 3 day of the following month with the World Bank and commission.
Cheques counter:
  • Collection is a fine of 3 percent, in addition to banking fees in the case of echo cheque.
  • Turning to cash to customer for not less than 6 months.

Payment Methods:

Cash: Payment Upon receipt of the goods to the representative of the company.

Cheque: Payment Upon receipt of the goods by Cheque to the company's representative, must be recorded byanatah customer company.

Visa Card: pay upon request through our site before sending the goods to the customer.